Being Healthy is About Exercise, Eating Right and SKIN CARE

Find out why looking after your skin is just as important as all the other ways you take care of yourself.

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we all know the importance of exercise, a good diet and plenty of sleep. But there’s one aspect of wellness which is often neglected: skin health. Read on to learn more about skin health.
Being Healthy is About Exercise, Eating Right and SKIN CARE
What is skin health?
On a functional level, it means your skin is working properly. It means it’s sufficiently hydrated and therefore able to protect you from environmental damage. When your skin is well cared for, you’re free from dryness. Healthy skin feels comfortable and looks beautiful.
Why skin health matters: The benefits of healthy skin
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    Healthy skin is your first line of defence.
    Skin is your body’s largest organ, accounting for around 16% of your body weight. Its most important functions are keeping moisture in and keeping bad stuff out. The top layer of skin—also known as the stratum corneum—is approximately 40 micrometres thick or about the thickness of a fine human hair. In this thin top layer, skin cells protect against infection-causing microbes and bacteria. However, the stratum corneum is also highly susceptible to dryness and damage. If dryness penetrates too deeply, it affects skin cells, leaving them too weak and underdeveloped to protect you from the outside world.
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    It’s health that you can see.
    The skin’s surface reflects what’s going on underneath. If skin cells are tight and stiff, your skin can feel uncomfortable on the surface. Skin damage can begin days before you see any signs of dryness. If dryness penetrates the skin’s layers too deeply, it can lead to visible damage that can look unsightly.
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    Skin is your lifelong companion.
    Due to natural renewal processes, the top layer of your skin today isn’t the same as you had when you were 5 years old, or even a month ago. Skin changes as you grow. From soft, sensitive baby skin to adolescent oiliness to the drier skin of later years, your skin is there to protect you through it all.
Just like exercising and watching what you eat, caring for your skin is a major factor in maintaining overall health. Keep skin healthy by using a moisturiser regularly.